In this Privacy Statement, we will inform you about collecting and processing of our customer data.
You must accept the terms of this statement in order to use the online store.
We are collecting customer records to provide easy-to-use, secure service and provide a good customer experience.

Legal Registrar

AB-Beauty Oy
VAT-Code : FI28637636

More information about privacy and the personal registry and how to handle it, contact us at

Collected information

Information provided by the customer :
* Name
* Company name
* Contact info
* Phone number
* Email-address
* Order history
* Reviews
* Wishlist contents

In addition, data derived from analytics :
* Online store usage and browsing information
* Device identifier information
* Product recommendations and other information and tags used for targeted content.

What is your Personal details used for?

Personal information will be used
* To maintain customer relationship
* For orders deliveries, processing and archiving
* To improve customer experience
* For statistical purposes
* For more personalized targeted content
* For preventing abuse
* Provide Better Customer Service </ p>
</ p>

The information is processed based on the customer relationship between the customer and the online store, site usage or customer’s separate explicit consent.
</ span> All personal data is protected against unauthorized access, accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other illegal processing of data.

In the storage and processing of customer personal data, we follow good privacy practices, data backups, security and anonymity, as far as it is possible.

Access to customer information is restricted to AB-Beauty Oy’s staff only.

As regards shipping and payment transactions, we use trusted contractual partners to transfer reliable information between them. With our partners, we have taken into account the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation and other legislation.

How long are my personal details stored for?

We only keep your personal information for the time needed to comply with the usecases described in this statement. In addition, some information may be retained longer to the extent necessary to implement the statutory obligations such as accounting and consumer responsibility, and to ensure their proper implementation.
At the customer’s request, personal data relating to him may be changed, removed or anonymised from AB-Beauty Oy’s systems and the information is no longer used for the purposes listed in the statement. </ span> </ p>

The following information sets out the obligations for longer-term storage:
* The Accounting Act defines the information for longer retention periods.
* Collecting and storing log data as required by law
* Making backups of online store to secure data

Customer rights

As our customer, you have the right to personalize, modify, or delete your personal information of. You can terminate your account at any time and ask AB-Beauty Oy to delete your information by contacting our Customer Service at . </ Span> </ p>

In some cases, all information can not be removed and legislation may require you to retain some of your customer-related information.
If necessary, we also disclose information at the request of the authorities, always informing the customer for information requests if it is legally permissible. </ p>

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You may want to block the use of cookies by changing your browser’s settings. Blocking the use of cookies may, however, affect the functionality of our online store. By using our online store, you consent to the processing of data as described above.